Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm professional

I received the official certification for the CISSP last week. I'm not a big cert guy (this is my first cert) but I did like the exam itself. I like how it makes a solid baseline. Will everybody with this cert understand the contents of the exam? No, but they can be expected to. That's really the point isn't it? Setting expectations.

I'm married to a public school teacher and when this sort of thing (re: education) comes up she says I'm great at it. I immediately respond back that I'm horrible at education, especially when it comes to a structured process such as book reading or syllabus-type courses. Instead my brain darts around between various books/articles/subjects and I leave it at that. I bring this up because I did near-zero studying for this class. Not because I'm not motivated (though that's possible!) but because learning with a specific short term goal in mind really turns me off. I read for the joy of learning, not cramming. That's why I took a bootcamp course the week before the test. I shoved a lot of facts into my head for 12 hour days 6 days before the exam.

(I gotta admit that I did feel like Mitch.)

Either way, I dig the idea of the CISSP and the fact that I'm now a card carrying member; but more importantly I liked the cramming itself. Maybe I'm not bad at syllabus' but at motivation after all.

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