Tuesday, September 4, 2007

shmoocon '08

shmoocon updated their site for 08's gig:

TSG is happy to announce that ShmooCon '08 will take place at the Wardman Park Marriott in Washington DC, February 15-17.

We're working on updating the website and getting information pushed out to the masses. Presentations are finally linked to (although they've been up for awhile - a number of you found them without any help) and moved into the Past Events section. Keep watching over the next few weeks as we get ready to release the CFP, announce contests and generally get the ball rolling for ShmooCon IV.

I've been to all three so far and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. Yep, I'm one of the dorks who sat around on New Years Day last year and F5'ed the page until I got tickets.

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