Monday, March 24, 2008

Interviewing infosec positions

The last time I went through the interviewing phase I did some googling and certainly stole some of the better ideas out there.

I've began building on top of my "top ten" list of interview questions to try and get at a more fundamental comprehension level understanding. I'm doing this by applying Bloom's taxonomy. This is what is typically used to reinforce certain levels of knowledge in the learning process. For instance, asking a candidate "What is DNS?" is a 'knowledge' level question while "Describe the functions of DNS and point out security flaws or implications to poor implementations of it that could exist" is a question that challenges the candidates knowledge and analyzing capability. My layman's understanding of this taxonomy is that the above question would fall under the Evaluate classification. I took the time to write down the taxonomy breakdowns in my moleskin as a future reference.

Can you tell my wife is a teacher?

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