Monday, April 14, 2008

Thought Experiment: Years 2013 - 2018

What will a typical company look like in the years through 2013 and 2018? Technology will have a large impact, and how that technology works will dictate a lot of security concerns to that company. While it may be completely pointless to predict anything past six months out; we need to at least have some sort of moving target. Keeping our heads in the weeds will keep us as reactive as we always are.

Some rough guesses off the top of my head:
  • The network perimeter will be non-existent (or ineffective); virtualization and commodization will create a SaaS-like corporate environment available anywhere/anytime from any device. Eventually a de-facto identification method will exist across the internet which will give rise to this platform abstraction.
  • Fast-paced and openness of information will be the norm; and is considered a critical competitive edge. Restricting this flow of data will not be tolerated.
  • Black markets and espionage will be common place on the Internet; a global group continual effort to minimize their affects will emerge.
Obvious Influencers: Brave New War, The World is Flat, Rainbows End(fiction)

See you in 5 years to see where we are.

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