Thursday, May 15, 2008

Security Systems

Way back in 2005 Emergent Chaos wrote up some examples of security principles based on the Star Wars movies. It was a bit goofy.

But offering examples based on a simplistic universe where everything can be taken at face value is extremely useful. It's much harder analyzing something such as a... grocery store, as not everyone is familiar with their processes and things that may happen behind the scenes.

But there are systems out there that can be analyzed from a security perspective that you don't need intimate knowledge of. The latest one that's occurred to me is the highway system. Next time you're stuck in traffic take a look around.

  • Sign poles
  • barriers
  • privacy/sound walls
  • lighting
  • CCTV
All of these have an impact on security and some of the designs are specifically for that. Over head signs, for instance, have smooth poles up until past human reaching distance- any cross members aren't reachable- to prevent climbing.


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