Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Voicemail should go extinct

I hate voicemail. The other day I put some thought into why I hate voicemail. There's a few that I came up with.
It's arcane. I realized it was arcane when apple revised it with their iphone to take voicemail out of the FIFO mentality. I don't have the patience to fight the interface anymore because there are simply better ways for people to get a hold of me. And they will find those ways when voicemail goes unanswered.

Its both pull and push. The sender pushes the message to me, which is great! I then have to pull the same message to me. And I have to blindly pull, not even selectively prioritize or filter. Voicemail is an all or nothing pull, and one that the sender blindly pushes and can only assume it's delivered. It's like UDP except with a horrible interface.

Email me, IM me, text me, twitter me, call my mobile. Do not leave me a voicemail because it has a high chance of not being filtered out and responded to but instead routed to the bit bucket.

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