Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Cyberwar

I've only skimmed a dozen or so articles on the Georgian/Russian (so-called) Cyberwar. In my humble opinion the event is rather non-interesting as is being reported. It wasn't a cyberwar, it doesn't even appear to be a means of signals intelligence. So far all reports show that it was simply attacking the communications infrastructure to further cause confusion. No news on whether they attacked radio or cell phone signals.

The more interesting story is the use of civilians. I believe a similar tactic was used as protests from Chinese hackers during the Tibet riots earlier in the year. State sponsorship at it's best.

And while that may be interesting, the more important story is the actual war. Cyber or not, the entire event is going to unfold for some time. If a pullout does eventually occur, Georgia will still be heavily influenced by Russia politics. A concept they thought died along with the cold war.

Here, here,, and here for great analysis.

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