Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Security Religion

An audience I once sat in was challenged during a presentation by a co-worker to "develop your own personal security religion" if you haven't already done so as the consequences of not having one are too great. I assumed he was speaking to everyone but me.

Nonetheless I jotted this challenge down in my moleskin. I've not yet systematically wrapped my head around my own mindset or 'religion' to speak to it. But this article on OODA loops highlights some of my thoughts on how to develop a team-based mindset of security religion.

In many respects, the goal for a response team is to have the quickest OODA loop around as well as the independence to carry out rapid response. But the three elements the author lists as required for a maneuverable company resonated with me: mutual trust, clear sense of mission, and focus.

Make no mistake, those three items are done through proper leadership.

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