Monday, November 3, 2008

Code of Conduct

A team must develop respect and confidence through how they communicate. Section 4.2.1 of theCSIRT handbook from CERT/CC and CMU SEI outlines one such approach. It's nice but the gif they include in there is all but unreadable and I can't find other sources. Focusing on these areas on a continual basis will assist in doing so during a stressful time (such as handling incidents). Below is what it says:
  1. Focus on the [teams] strengths
  2. Adapt to the audience
  3. Speak for yourself
  4. Do not speak for others
  5. Make complete statements
  6. Make concise statements
  7. Avoid the use of jargon
  8. Be sensitive and diplomatic
  9. Avoid arrogance
  10. Avoid being familiar
  11. State the facts
  12. Be truthful
  13. Retain control
  14. Avoid shock tactics
  15. Maintain confidences
  16. Make no promises
  17. Teach
  18. Stress the positive
  19. Apply quality control
  20. Use constructive criticism

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