Monday, March 9, 2009

shmoocon 2009 recap

Apparently people actually read my 2008 recap/rant. If you condone such activities then they will continue on.
I sat in fewer talks this year but walked the floor a bit more and met and hung out with folks instead. As always the event ran very smoothly. All the content was fresh and didn't include any rehashed topics from previous years; based on the number of talks this is a feat. Random thoughts:

  • The Building Botnets talk was interesting; their SNMP smurf attack was clever and refreshing.
  • I fell asleep during Beale's Middler talk. This was due to an overdose of sushi and isn't a reflection of his talk. Middler appears very hip and is a clever attack based on weaknesses that wifi's shared medium has introduced.
  • Matt Blaze's keynote was okay though I was hoping for more. Certainly the talk was interesting and engaging, I simply hold keynotes to a higher standard. Especially keynotes which prevent me from having dinner until 9 o'clock in the evening.
  • A group of us chatted up one of the colonels in dress uniform in Murphy's at 2AM. The group was fun and interesting; way more than the Amway gathering a few years back. And they can hold their liquor too.
  • The poor kid who passed out near the garbage on the sidewalk as the party was ending was kind of sad. Luckily friends loaded him into a cab. It was unfortunate his head ended up on the cabbies lap, but i'm sure it'll make a great story if anyone tells him. I saw two others lose their stomachs. I was under the impression that geeks had high tolerances; Saturday night put this into question.
Sorry for the lack of links, visit shmoocon's site for more info. See everyone in 2010.

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