Monday, March 2, 2009

Red Team Journal

I have been accepted as a contributing editor for Red Team Journal. rtj focuses on the practice of red teaming, and I will be contributing my knowledge from an information security perspective.

I have been reading rtj for the last 5 months and have enjoyed their articles. I am looking forward to contributing as much as I can.

In the infosec realm red teaming is generally thought of as a pentesting role. But infosec as a field can not be narrowed down to a science and must have critical and imaginative thought behind it. As an ops guy I had to rewire my brain to think of possibilities, implications, and reactions while maintaining precision and speed. I was applying Boyd's OODA loop without knowing it existed. I discovered the OODA Loop in February of 2008; and it set me on a series of mental exercises that redirected my energy from a purely NSM mindset into something of a holistic response mindset that yet has a name. Merlin Mann's design pattern talk gives me hope that I can remove tools and products from the equation and focus on the inherent practice of monitoring and response. Finally, I hope my mindset as a digital native can raise questions as to older generational values versus data mobility and how it changes ideals such as privacy (it's lack of), open sharing, and information or news cycles. I hope working with the rtj will go further down these rabbit holes, and I can contribute interesting or new ideas to the community.
More to come.

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