Monday, August 29, 2011

Dragon Bytes Followup

Last year Richard posted a review of "Dragon Bytes" by Timothy L. Thomas. This book was no longer being published when Richard reviewed the book; to the extend that Richard had to do a followup post to answer questions on how to obtain a copy.

Fast forward nearly a year and I was able to obtain my own copy through Amazon's new/used program. I liked the book. I did a few searches and found several of his papers on the Defense Technical Information Center ( Some of them are directly related to "Dragon Bytes" while a few cover Russian theory and one covers Al Qaeda. They're worth checking out if you have not had an opportunity to get a copy of the book due to it's unavailability.

The Chinese Military’s Strategic Mindset

Google Confronts China’s “Three Warfares

Russian and Chinese Information Warfare Theory and Practice

Russian Views on Information Based Warfare

Dialectical Versus Empirical Thinking: Ten Key Elements of the Russian Understanding of Information Operations

Al Qaeda and the Internet: The Danger of “Cyberplanning”

Also, I recommend "On China" by Henry Kissinger if this subject interests you.

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